Laporte Clay Pigeon Company

Laporte-CPC specialises in the manufacture of clay pigeon target equipment, which offers farmers and land owners an excellent opportunity to create a high-revenue use for their land.

The company has provided traps, targets and information on setting up shoots for many landowners and farmers who have wanted to diversify into new areas, which can generate an alternative revenue stream to contribute to profitability.

Shoots can be set up on a temporary or permanent basis and can be run for up to 28 days a year without planning permission. Many of the top grounds in the country started out running these smaller, highly profitable shoots before developing into fully commercial operations. Many of the commercial shooting ground can end up supporting the farm.

Laporte-CPC is in a unique position to offer the complete package, as we manufacture the market leading traps and clays, providing the perfect starter kits for setting up of such activities. Our promotional offers provide a large numbers of free clays with every trap purchased.

Laporte has built its reputation on reliability and durability as well offering the ultimate in performance. Not only do we supply the equipment used for Straw Bayle events and the top commercial grounds but we also have supplied our equipment, both traps and clays, for the last eight consecutive Olympics including Rio 2016.

Laporte Archery is the first company to manufacture a trap that can deliver a variety of moving archery targets.

Ideal suited for the leisure industry, holiday parks, activity centres and hotels delivering fun for all ages as this revolutionary trap can be used inside or out and is fully adjustable. For the business it delivers high revenues for modest capital outlay. The targets are reusable plus the sport makes no mess and the only sound you will is laughter and excitement.

Stand Number: 763