Affinity Network Solutions

We providing high speed, low latency holiday park WiFi into typically hard to cover locations. Our range of Wireless Links, Fibre Optic Connectivity and Ethernet to the Caravan provide a true home-from-home experience for your guests and owners.

Our WiFi systems are converged allowing the same network to be utilised for Guest and Staff traffic, VoIP Telephony, CCTV and IoT technology such as heating control system, Network fire and Carbon Monoxide alarms and smart metering.

Getting good coverage across a park is easy. Getting good coverage into Caravans and Lodges, whilst retaining high speed and low latency is the challenge. its why so many sites have poor WiFi, despite paying for a `Professional` installation.

We utilise a combination of Fibre Optic cables, Ethernet and Point to Point links to provide back-haul to areas of the park, and local breakouts to either WiFi access points or ideally, a direct link to the dwelling via Ethernet to an internal router. This is significantly different to the traditional method of installing either WDS repeaters or utilising 5ghz backlinks which often have Line of Sight (LOS) issues.

Above all, we provide a network that is Secure, Fast and Suitable for Business Users.

We provide the following services:

Site Wide Coverage solutions
Caravan / Lodge Router solutions ( Fibre fed )
Fibre / Cable trenching solutions
Fibre to the Cabinet style installations
Fibre to the Bollard style installations
Managed Router / Gateway services
Ekahau Site Surveys and Predictive planning
CCTV security system installations
Lawful intercept logging services
Family Friendly approved Content Filtering

Stand Number: 1211