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Alpacas are the ideal small acreage animal, being rare and valuable animals that produce a highly regarded luxury product for a rapidly growing market.
They enable even those with only a few acres to run a successful business from their property in breeding and fleece production. Easier to keep, significantly more profitable and better for your land than sheep, goats and other traditional livestock, these environmentally friendly creatures are an exciting investment as well as being intelligent, friendly, curious and gentle creatures to work with.

Even more precious to the Inca civilisation than gold and silver, alpaca fleece was once exclusively worn by royalty because of it`s wonderful qualities; it`s silk-like shine, length, strength, natural colour and softness, to name a few. Alpaca fleece produced in the UK is more environmentally friendly and does not have the animal welfare issues that cashmere, angora or merino wool are associated with. It is lightweight, warm, moisture wicking and of the highest quality so unsurprisingly UK alpaca fleece is increasingly sought after by top fashion designers, tailors and craftspeople.

The UK alpaca industry is growing exponentially and has taken great strides forward in the last 6 years, establishing itself as one of the most successful and profitable farming enterprises. With burgeoning markets in Europe this is an exciting time to get involved in the industry.

Here at the Alpaca Alliance we provide help and support for new alpaca owners all over the UK, priding ourselves on our record of successful alpaca businesses that we have helped set up and mentored throughout the process. Having started ourselves with only 4 alpacas, seven years ago, we know just how quickly this profitable industry is growing and the huge potential for the future. Now with two locations - Redens, 50 miles south of London in West Sussex, and Blackberry, near the historic town of Skipton in the North West of England - the Alpaca Alliance are able to support a wide range of customers across the UK and Europe.

We have the time to let you be `hands-on` with our alpacas, getting to know and love these wonderful creatures as much as we do. We can guide you through every step of alpaca ownership, advise you on your farm set-up, help you select and find the right alpacas for you and teach you how to look after and feel confident with your alpacas. We are more than happy to continue supporting you as much or as little as you would like once our alpacas have become yours, with recommendations and advice for future matings, herd health, birthing and improving the quality and profitability of your alpacas and alpaca sales over time.

The fastest growing sector of the alpaca industry over the last 5 years has been coloured animals, particularly blacks. We believe this is because black alpaca has no direct competition being the only fully black natural fibre. Black never goes out of fashion!

The Alpaca Alliance has the richest selection of coloured genetics in the UK and Europe (including EP Cambridge Storm Cloud, black son of Firedragon, 2015 Australian Mature Senior Champion and sire of the 2015 Australian Supreme Champion). Since we have one of the largest selections of black and brown alpacas in Europe we are confident that we can provide you with the right animals to suit your business needs.

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