Aponic Ltd

Aponic Ltd have developed a super-efficient vertical, soilless growing system. It uses 90% less water than traditional growing by spraying and recycling a nutrient solution through the plant roots. It requires minimum resources to run, typically this system can run very easily from a small solar panel and a source of collected rainwater.

Being vertical means it can attach to a sunny garden wall fence or even a balcony or conservatory wall and is just as versatile in rows in huge commercial greenhouses where they turn your acreage into volume and grow many times more produce in the same footprint as traditional growing. There is no digging or weeding just clean, consistent, fresh fruit, vegetables, herbs and salad crops that are full of flavour and safe for all of the family to eat.

The Aponic growing tubes can be mounted at any height to allow you to work at the height you want it and it is totally accessible for people in wheelchairs, the elderly and children alike.

This system was originally designed to be used for Aquaponics, or using fish waste to feed the plants. The water from a pond to pump through the system, the growing tubes act as biological digesters and turn the ammonia from the fish waste into nitrate which feeds the plants. This also adds huge amounts of dissolved oxygen to the water as it passes through the tubes to maintain healthy fish even through the hottest of summers.

So, if you want to easily grow plenty of great tasting, healthy food for your family but you don`t want to spend your time digging, weeding and watering, we have a truly sustainable growing solution for gardeners and commercial growers alike.



Stand Number: 340