Atrax Ltd (DTV Shredder)

DTV Shredder (or Dual Tracked Vehicle) redefines `off-road` by transforming the outdoors into your personal playground.

The DTV Shredder is the first true crossover vehicle for action and power sports. A combination of tank, skateboard, jet ski and snowmobile, the DTV (Dual Tracked Vehicle) Shredder is the first year-round, all-terrain vehicle and with it, the entire outdoors become your personal playground. Plus it`s compact enough to fit in the boot of your car.

The all-mechanical design, powerful engine and aggressive tank tracks allows for high-speed travel on any terrain, in any season. While the ground-breaking vehicle demands the attention of adrenaline junkies worldwide, it also doubles as a rugged, multi-application workhorse for hunting, farming and other industries.

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Stand Number: 597