Business On Bikes Ltd

The Traditional Ice Cream Bike is the company`s flagship business on a bike! It is made to the highest specification, maintaining the traditional style of years gone by, yet incorporating modern reliable technology. The whole design is based on the classic 1940`s and 50`s `Stop Me and Buy One!` tricycles, everything does a full circle and some 60 years on, these incredible bikes are back in fashion and making a serious income.

The freezer unit is manufactured to our specification and is a top of the range commercial unit, standard 240v with two glass-sliding lids and fully insulated top lids to ensure maximum trading hours. Simply plug in the unit overnight, un-plug the next day and away you go, then just plug it back in on your return, ready for the next days trading, no need to empty each day and move heavy freezer plates.

However, as our name implies we can create any Business On a Bike and have created a range of tricycles we can offer alongside our flagship Ice Cream Tricycle. In the past we have made refrigeration tricycles for Cathedral City Cheese to sample cheese from, for the Co-Op to sample chilled food and for Disaronno to sample Disaronno Sours!!

Our tricycles don`t have to just revolve around cold things!! We now have a new range of confectionary tricycles designed to be mobile and sell confectionary or other small items to the passing public! We also have created Hot Dog tricycles, Hot Chesnutt Tricycles, Soup/Crepe Tricycles and many more hot food ideas to capitalise on the mobility of your business being on a bike all year round!

We pride ourselves on producing the complete package, everything you need to get to work, all you need to do is find a good location and get ready to sell! All our tricycles come with the option of being branded up to suit your company`s existing colours or if it`s a new start up we can help you create a new identity to get everybody talking about the new bike on the block!

If you would like to find out more about our range of tricycles please do not hesitate to get in touch either by the phone 01204 322491 or email us at

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