Calor Gas

If you are one of Britain`s many farmers who is thinking about investing in a new farm diversification project, then do not forget to consider your project`s off-grid energy options.

Whether you`re using your farm assets for traditional activities or diversifying into other new areas such as holiday lets; a farm shop; a llama herd and visitor`s centre maybe - you will undoubtedly need energy for space and water heating - and cooking too.

Calor is the ideal energy solution for your rural enterprise and is often cheaper and certainly much cleaner than oil. Quite simply, LPG brings the benefits of mains gas to rural businesses - not to mention its inherent environmental benefits.

Not only does Calor offer the most reliable alternative to mains gas, we have the capability to offer our customers a full turnkey package:
- Trouble free, tailored tank and boiler installation
- Consistent, reliable LPG supply with remote tank monitoring and automatic top-up
- Engineering solutions for all utility requirements

We will do our utmost to reduce your existing energy bill or strive to find the most cost effective energy solution for your new project, with options of a free tank install and fixed pricing.

For more information about Calor`s LPG supply capabilities, please contact our dedicated Sales Manager Jeff Penfold on 07803021789 or via email:

01926 318443

Stand Number: 332