Utility, Commercial and Residential energy developments.

For the Utilities market we are pursuing large scale energy storage batteries to assist in grid balancing for the national grid network. These systems require 1-2 acres of land which we require a long term lease. This is a great opportunity for landowners to secure a long term secure income within the energy market. For landowners who have suitable natural gas services on or close to their property we can also discuss a gas generator peaking plant to produce power to the nation grid on request. These systems typically run for 350 hours per year and have a low profile design. All our developments come at no cost to the landowner, We will even cover all your legal fees and discuss the development schedule to work around your annual timetable.

Our commercial team are looking for all properties with a large energy demand to reduce the cost of energy. We have currently designed systems from 50kW - 2.5MW across a wide range of development types (Solar, Wind, Biomass, Gas CHP, Batteries, Air source, Ground source.....) We have worked on projects with Leisure centres, Dairy farmers, Poultry Houses, Cold Storage Warehouse, Office Power and Heating, Pig Farming, Food Packaging Plant .....) Our design team will analyse the annual energy consumption details and energy trends to build a bespoke solution that returns the best savings for the property.

If capital is not available to purchase a commercial system then we will Supply, Install and Maintain the energy plant free of charge and agree terms on a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) typically our PPA rates are 20 - 30 % less than the existing energy rate being paid by the property so you will be saving money every year. As energy prices are rising this is a great way to secure a long term low energy price. For FREE!!

Residential energy is where we started many years ago. Although there are no large subsidies for roof mounted Solar any more we can still offer an affordable installation and in some cases source funding for these installations. However, if you are interested in becoming a more responsible energy consumer then we can assist you in getting carbon neutral. We deploy Solar, Batteries, Thermodynamic heating, Ground source heating...

If you would like to discuss any aspect of the energy market, want more information on how to either save money on you energy consumption or gain a larger income for a small area of land for a Utility development then give us a call.

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