Bespoke, DIY modular buildings used for artisan food & cheese production, abattoirs and offices. Lockable, safe chemical and game storage. No planning permission required if placed inside an existing building. Insulated, waterproof, economical. Assisted Construction provided for flat-pack models.

Agricultural diversification is made simple with our DIY prefabricated buildings. Effectively building a 'barn within a barn', we install food-safe, insulated flexible food preparation buildings, bypassing planning permission when placed in an existing structure.

The bespoke, modular buildings are erected quickly and cheaply for diary or meat production giving farmers control of another link in the food production chain.

They can also be used as offices, game and chemical storage or farm shops, ideal for optimizing unused farm buildings.
The panel buildings range is size from 20m - 200m, and are delivered flat-pack within 4 weeks. They are constructed with purpose built doors, windows and partitions with optional supervised installation. The client then connects electricity, plumbing and flooring.

The self supporting buildings comprise of horizontal, 60 or 100mm polyurethane panels (U Value 0.34 and 0.21). They are washable, lockable and vermin free and can also be used outside. Prices compare favourably with other ready-made structures, from £200.

FBI visitors can claim a 15% discount on orders placed within 4 weeks of the show.

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