UK's No.1 Coin Operated Popcorn Vending Machine Supplier. Turn 4 Sq. ft into potential new revenue streams. Self serve format - the customer pays at the machine. All you have to do is keep the machine topped up with corn & cups and watch your profits grow.

We are suppliers also for semi-automatic chestnut roasting machines & automatic chestnut cutting machines and nut roasting glaze machines. Our professional chestnut roasting machines will roast large volumes automatically rotating the chestnuts for you in a clean and safe manner without burning charcoal. The electric mixer arm will agitate the chestnuts. The chestnut machine are available in complete electric ideal for indoors or gas heating LPG for outdoors.

Our chestnut cutting machines are available in manual mode or electric, with capacity in either 80 chestnuts a minute or 100 a minute or 450 chestnuts a minute. Saving even more time for a profitable business. All it takes is 6- 7 individual chestnut servings in a bag at £2 ! Fantastic yields to be made in this lucrative traditional and healthy snack food.

The chestnut warmers are ideal and power saving as they simply use the heat emitted from the roaster and keep warm while serving customers. A Great accessory to have included as a package deal.
Chestnut Roaster + Chestnut Cutter + Chestnut warmer

We also supply nut roasting machines. Sugar coated almonds as made in Bavaria. These machines will roast/glaze any type of nut. Simple ingredients, just Water, Sugar and Nuts, dash of cinnamon. Great profits to be made from roasting praline nuts. A great attraction and unique for your business! machine available in electric for indoors and gas for outdoors with electric mixing arm agitation for the nuts.

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