Fresh Start Land Enterprise Centre CIC

Fresh Start Land Enterprise Centre - Overview

The Fresh Start Land Enterprise Centre is a community interest company - CIC. Its core foundation is the Fresh Start initiative (set up in 2004 on the back of the Curry report) which has always focused on supporting new entrants and entrepreneurs starting up farming businesses or developing existing businesses via a combination of business academies, mentoring and business matchmaking e.g. joint ventures.

Fresh Start Academies
Over the past ten years Fresh Start has seen over 40 different academies and over 700 people go through the academy process and in the last five years Fresh Start has developed specialist sector specific academies for the pig, dairy, beef/sheep, uplands and horticulture sectors with great success. There are now new pig businesses running or going into production, dairy joint ventures and in the last two years alone four members of the uplands academies have secured tenancies where previously they had been unsuccessful. For further information on our academies please go to our website.

Land Partnerships
Fresh Start has also been a major delivery partner within the Land Partnerships group since 2011. It helped to write and produce the `Land Partnerships Handbook - Using Land to Unlock Business Innovation`, launched at the Oxford Farming Conference in 2012. This handbook, now in its second edition, has received consistent praise and recognition from the industry and those looking for innovative ways of approach to business. A more detailed explanation of the land partnerships approach is available through our workshops held at locations across the country.

Land Partnerships Service
The service provides a means of introducing individuals, either those with land or infrastructure, or those with a new business idea with others who can complement their needs, with the aim of forging a business partnership beneficial to both parties through the development of innovative land agreements such as share farming.

Our Industry Partners
Since 2004, Fresh Start has not only built up a wealth of knowledge on working with farming entrepreneurs and businesses and landowners but has also worked with the support of numerous industry partners at national and regional level to develop and deliver all their projects e.g. CLA, NFYFC, RICS, CAAV, ACES, DEFRA, NFU, TFA, RASE, AHDB - all sectors, Landex, Banks, Accountants, Solicitors, National Trust, National Park Authorities, local county councils along with many farmers and businesses willing to share their experiences. In 2014 it was decided to combine the knowledge and experience of Fresh Start with the co-founders of Land Partnerships and create a new CIC which could deliver on a wider scale but also bring together complementary ideas and approaches to benefit the farming industry in the UK as a whole.

Who can access FSLEC services?
All services are open to anyone 18 or over with no upper age limit from farming and non farming backgrounds. Key audiences are entrepreneurs wishing to go into business or develop an existing one, landowners large and small, land agents and consultants and those already farming but are looking for ways to deal with succession or new ways with joint venture. Delivery partners/speakers from all backgrounds also gain much from the FSLEC work and many are now training to be mentors.

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