Hoogly Tea

We are a vibrant, independent team based in Brighton. Our mission is to spread simple joy of Danish Hygge through our indulgent, comforting luxury real teas.

But what exactly is Hoogly? Well, it`s the pronunciation of `hyggelig` and is an idea; it`s an experience. It`s a verb and a noun. And it`s a huge reason why Danes are voted one of the happiest nations on Earth year after year.

Hygge (hoo-ga) is the essence of cosiness. Hygge is intimacy and taking pleasure from the soothing, ordinary and inexpensive things in life: lighting candles on a howling winter night, being together with friends by the crackling fire. It`s all year round be it at a summer`s bbq or soaking in a warm bath with a glass of wine.

We Brits understand the joy of these gentle, relaxing moments but, in Denmark they actively focus on them. Prioritise them. They seek Hygge out. They ensure their evening is `Hoog-ly` and take the time to `Hyggelige` areas of their house.

They take `tea and Hygge` as a cure for the common cold.

Why? Because they know such simple rituals are good for their health and well-being. It deepens their connection with themselves their families and their communities. It strengthens their connection to their homes and to the Earth.

It makes them happy :)

So next time you feel the stress of everyday life clawing at you or see a grey sky and the next time you want to experience a glorious moment of calm, by yourself or with others, then reach for one of our 16 luxurious new Hoogly tea blends, and live a little Danishly...


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