iCombat UK Limited

iCombat is a Military Spec Laser Tag. The system has been developed using state of the art laser technology to create a force on force gaming system with games developed on the lines of Call of Duty.

The system uses life like M4 rifles and Glock 17 pistols to create a realistic gaming scenario. Players can customise their weapons to include red dot sights, torches, different types of slings. Different types of vests are available to accommodate extra magazines, pistol holster, and numerous pockets and D rings to clip on your grenades. Headband and vests are also provided with infra red sensors for recording shots and kills. All this is controlled by a laptop computer which enters numerous details on players performance and ensures that cheating cannot take place.

To give an even greater adrenaline rush a Stress belt can be worn which produces an electric shock each time the player is hit, and the level of intensity can be set to increase the level of pain. This all adds up to a state of the art gaming system with a WOW factor that ensures you will return again and again.

The system is completely safe and is already taking the US by storm. So GET OFF YOUR COUCH AND INTO THE GAME!!!



Stand Number: 562