Industry Wake Parks

We aid in the development of new Wake Parks all over the UK. Design and fabricate wakeboard obstacles for events and wake parks. Run a host of wake events covering all aspects of the sports. Hold pool gap contests at boat shows, music festivals and huge events. Offer consultancy and PR packages to wake parks wanting to capitalise on our experience.
Offer design and artwork services for wake parks needing websites, flyers etc.

A key objective of Industry Wake Parks is to grow the sports of wakeboarding and wakeskating. The main way to achieve this is by opening wake parks in new locations and to showcase our sports to new customers at events and festivals. Since the SesitecSystem 2.0 cable rig has been invented over 100 new wake parks have opened around the world in under four years! Each year you will see Industry Wake Parks opening new places to ride, and running wake demos and comps at numerous events, like London Boat Show and Wakestock.

Industry Wake Parks is the UK distributor for Sesitec products which includes the revolutionary System 2.0. The System 2.0 is being used as a commercial tool to operate wake parks and at events to enhance the wakeboard action.

Sesitec Infomercial | English from SESITEC on Vimeo.

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