Leisure Life Ltd

With over 3,500 installs across Australia, New Zealand and the USA, the Jumping Pillow has proved to be innovative, safe, low cost (including day to day running cost) as well as quick and easy to install.

The Install Options are designed to meet the client`s needs in regard to:

- Location (Indoor or Outdoor)

- Size ( 5 standard sizes available as well as bespoke option)

- Full installation or `Assisted Install` with one of our technicians on site.

- Standard sand surround install.

- Unique No - Sand surround incorporating our `Certified Rubber Crumb` to meet the highest safety standards.

- Branded high grip 'Jumper Socks` to enhance revenue return.

And that`s not all! We offer an industry leading warranty of 3 years and an anticipated life term of 10 + years to allow for significant return on investment.

The Jumping Pillow has proved a huge success across developed markets in America, Australia and New Zealand and is now available in the UK and Ireland so why wait?


UK: 07482 888660

Stand Number: 670