Lotus Belle Tents Ltd

Introducing the Lotus Belle, a tent for the more discerning 'Glamper'.

The clever design boasts all the portability and usability of a standard bell tent whilst affording the roomy luxuriousness of a yurt at a price point that really turns your head.

Outward curving steel wall poles are the secret behind the expansive interior space. These puff out the wall sections providing additional space, rigidity and height all around the circumference. This is what gives the structure its attractive shape which is also highly aerodynamic providing excellent wind loading and eliminating any canvas flapping.

Lotus Belle

The tent includes a `bath ground sheet` that curves up 4 inches all round the edge so that even if the tent is pitched directly onto the ground, guests remain dry in spite of very heavy rain and/or an already water logged field.

Once pitched the 5meter model has an astonishing 18 square meters of standing space inside with 1.8m of headroom minimum all the way to the edge. This means it can be fitted out with standard height beds and normal household furniture.

Being inside is a totally different experience to that of a standard bell tent - it feels enormous, and certainly posh enough to be considered Glamping.

The entire tent packs into a bag 40cm x 40cm x 130cm requiring minimal storage space off-season and it fits easily into the boot of a car.

It`s also remarkably easy to pitch, literally a one-man job that takes less than 30 minutes. It's one of the easiest tents to erect on the market even a child can do it.

With its heavy gauge canvas, oversize guy ropes and chunky wooden toggles everything about the Lotus oozes quality. The tent is hand made from 360-gram canvas so it `breathes` staying cool on warm summer mornings when guests may want to sleep in. Naturally the material has all the latest high tech water, rot and fire retardant treatments.

Glampsites in the UK have been using Lotus Belles since they first came to market in 2013 and are still going strong. The tents can be cleaned and repaired easily if necessary. They come with a one-year no quibble guarantee however even with heavy use the tent should last for many years.

With the original 4m model starting at £1090 inc VAT it can pay for itself in a matter of weeks and will yield an impressive ROI over its lifespan.



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