Mercury Hearing Protection Specialists

We offer a range of custom fit in ear protection via passive plugs and electronic solutions ideal for shooting, operating heavy machinery and indeed any noisy environment. We can also cater to your music and mobile phone needs with our range of music plugs and bluetooth variants. Whether you are a recreational Shooter, Game Keeper, Farmer or Music buff we have a way to protect your hearing and increase your listening pleasure.

Our new Vario range is one of the most versatile custom ear protection on the market. It has interchangeable modules which allow you to decide how much and what you want to hear.

The Vario Blank reduce everything around you so you can concentrate fully with as little interruptions as possible whereas the Vario Passive allows you to hear speech clearly but reduces noise above 70dB by an average of 31dB. Therefore speech can be clearly heard whilst protecting the wearer from dangerous noise.

The Vario Electronic enhances ambient sound and suppresses noises over 70dB allowing you to increase your awareness of surroundings for example to hear clearly when the trap is released if clay shooting, or the wings of the bird breaking cover if game shooting. This now has a fourth setting which turns off the enhancement for situations where maximum concentration is required. The module is available in a choice of colours.

All our plugs come in your choice of colour or mixed marble colours at no extra charge.

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