Moomoo Ponchos
Fun, fleecy, practical ponchos for kids!

Time for something a bit different...

Moomoo Ponchos are essential outdoor kit for kids. They`re warm, practical, machine washable and kids love wearing them! There are loads of stunning designs to choose from, with ponchos for boys and girls from 1-13 yrs.

How do Moomoo Ponchos fit into your business?
Our beautiful, handmade ponchos have the power to add real value to your brand. They are exciting, versatile and extremely memorable.

Here are just a few ways in which Moomoo Ponchos can be incorporated into the experience you offer:
• Offer as a complimentary gift to families staying in your bell tent/yurt/cabin etc.
• Include in laundry packs.
• A beautiful poncho could be offered as part of a `premium` package to upsell holidays.
• Provide ponchos to children on organised activities e.g. woodland crafts, orienteering and swimming. Let them keep their poncho and they`ll remember the day forever!
• Stock ponchos in on-site stores for families who want a practical garment which will also be a lovely souvenir.
• Commission bespoke ponchos carrying your brand to create a lasting memento awhile advertising your business.

Quality, handmade products
Moomoo Ponchos was founded by qualified technical expert and mum, Nadine. Every poncho is designed and handmade in the UK, adhering to strict safety standards. Made from polar fleece, the ponchos are not only warm and water repellent, but soft and lightweight, too.

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