Farm491, from the Royal Agricultural University, is a space for innovators to grow their businesses by applying technology to agriculture.

It`s called Farm491 because, as well as providing high-spec facilities created to foster entrepreneurship, ideas generation, and collaboration - it includes 491 hectares of Cotswold farmland for research and testing.

Farm491 is offering start up space both at the Royal Agricultural University`s main campus in Cirencester and at the farm-based Innovation Centre at Harnhill (about 4 miles away) : affordable and flexible co-working environments where budding agri-tech entrepreneurs can run and grow their businesses.

Farm491 members will have access to the university`s enviable support and knowledge network that includes farmers, entrepreneurs, investors and academics, as well as open access to farming data, research, equipment and resources so they can test, refine and grow their propositions.

This pioneering new initiative will create a vibrant incubation environment with the potential to influence and benefit the wider agricultural and food production industries.


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Stand Number: 1043