The Drone Aerial Operators Group | Drone AG

We`re a company that uses its network of world leading operators to provide drone sales, training and hire services based on the skills, experience and expertise of those operators.

We focus on the media, agriculture and property industries, working with our operators alongside industry experts to provide targeted services specifically designed for those industries.

Drone AG is our Agricultural brand. A team of farmers, agronomists and drone operators that have worked together to build a picture of what is possible with drone systems and what is actually useful, developing work-flows and practices that provide informative, actionable crop data from above.

We now offer efficient, cost-effective solutions from crop mapping and analysis, to drone spraying systems that allow farmers to further optimise inputs and estimate returns all whilst benefiting the environment at the same time.

Hire an Operator:

Utilizing the Drone Aerial Ops network, our clients can hire a local, fully certified and insured drone operator. They have extensive experience using equipment that we know works, and they are fully supported by us to ensure the job gets done.

You can hire an operator for simple things like marketing aerial photography or video for your business - to show off its amazing rural location, through to advanced mapping of areas for land and crop management.

Buy a System with Training:

Get ultimate flexibility with cost-effective, easy to use drone systems that fit your business needs. We`ll provide a detailed specification on the systems that would suit your needs and create an integration program including training, certification and on-going support to get up and running.

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