Utilitas Solutions

We believe there`s a better way to manage your utilities and other essential services.

Dealing with holidaymakers and visitors en-masse, your focus is on running your business to ensure you deliver the high level of service your customers deserve. If you`ve ever tried dealing with an energy supplier to get an incorrect invoice sorted or been pushed from pillar to post by BT you`ll know how much this can divert your resources away from your customers.

You need to constantly evolve and develop what you offer, this needs investment, not always easy, it may well be that the best way to fund the next new initiative is by making savings on your current expenditure

This is where Utilitas Solutions can help. We have helped Holiday Parks, Farmers and Country Estates across the country with contract and supplier issues whilst ensuring best value is received

While you are providing topflight facilities, activities and service to your customers, we can be negotiating with your suppliers on your behalf, and looking for other ways to reduce your overheads.
We can provide you with quarterly reports, tailored to the level of detail you require, on the areas we manage for you, allowing you more time to focus on your customers, your business and your profits.

We will:
• Check your invoices to realise unrealised savings
• Find you the best deal
• Make all the arrangements
• Provide a dedicated account manager and reports
• And best of all, we will save you money!

Our range of services include:

Portfolio Management
Metering & Monitoring
Micro Generation

Waste & Water:
Waste Management
Recycling & WEEE
Hazardous & Clinical

Call Rates and Landlines

Other Costs:
Reprographics and print
Workwear & Cleaning

Integrity // Flexibility // Accuracy
Family // A great place to work

Stand Number: 86