Institution of Agricultural Engineers

IAgrE is proud to be a partner of the Farm Business Innovation Show. As the UK’s landbased agricultural engineering Institution it aims to help advance members careers by providing them with resources and knowledge to progress.

What makes Agricultural Engineering unique is the way it brings biology and engineering together. The term Biosystems engineer is now used around the world to describe technologists who work in this important field of work. Agricultural Engineering is a very multi-disciplinary field attracting mechanical, chemical, electronic, civil and computer engineers.

Graduating engineers may be thinking of a career in the automotive industry or aerospace but agricultural engineering offers many wonderful career opportunities. With autonomous vehicles, robotics, the use of sensors to monitor all aspects of machine operation, there are a wide range of jobs and careers for engineers at all levels.

Electronics engineers might find themselves writing computer code to link sensors on machines with satellite technology to map yields, monitor soil condition, or measure the position of the machine through GPS. The precision farming agenda is growing in importance and brings many career opportunities for electronic engineers to use their skills in computer application.

Membership is free to students and can be a great kick-start to a young person’s career. As a professional body IAgrE can provide resources and knowledge

Enhancing your career by making connections and building a network of associates and experts is one of the biggest benefits of belonging to a professional body.

IAgrE offer a grade of membership at every stage of a persons’ career, regardless of qualifications. Members receive regular news updates, access to the Institutions’ journal Landwards and the opportunity to meet and network with like-minded professionals through special interest groups and regional branch activities. Individuals can also work with a mentor who will help and guide them towards their career goals.

There never has been a more exciting time to get involved. Governments are putting in money to support research and development so now is the time to consider a career in Agricultural Engineering. This is a career choice you will never regret to find out more go to

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