Food Solutions

Food Solutions represents the views of small UK businesses to the lawmakers in Europe and also UK, to ensure laws are workable for all food businesses. We also produce booklets and online resources offering practical help to food businesses in complying with regulations.

Currently Over 90% of food regulations emanate from the EU. The UEAPME Food Forum represents Small and Micro Food Businesses from all Member States and is recognised by the European Commission. Food Solutions is the only UK member on the Forum.

This organisation has provided a great deal of protection for smaller food businesses in the UK from extreme food regulations and interference by officials. Unfortunately most UK food businesses are unaware of our work.

After Brexit the current proposal is that EU food law will be subsumed into UK regulations, which may then be reviewed/amended. To continue the protection of smaller food businesses during the Brexit negotiating period Food Solutions has to proactively transfer its priority to the UK.

Food Solutions has started the process of engaging with officials in the UK. We have been appointed as a member of the Regulating our Future Expert Advisory Group – Industry and we are members of the Parliamentary SME group.

The Food Solutions principals have many years of experience both dealing with officials and small food businesses. This experience has for the past twelve years has helped influence existing food regulations. This experience is going to be invaluable in the post Brexit era to ensure that smaller food businesses are protected from ill thought through food regulations.

The immediate challenge now is to engage with more small and micro food businesses and their associations throughout the UK and become part of a proactive organisation on food regulations.

Our resources/booklets will reflect any changes to the regulations.

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