Estate & Manor Magazine

Estate & Manor Magazine, founded in 2015, is already a valuable resource for professionals providing luxury and personable lifestyle services inside private residences across the world, on-board mega yachts and those who provide private education for children through to caring for valuable assets such as wine, car and art collections.

We pride ourselves on being one of the only dedicated household management and private luxury staffing journals on the internet today, which allows our captivating and informative content to be available to readers without the need for a subscription; our global monthly readership span up to 30,000 per month.

Since we are one of the only tailored platforms in the realm of private household management and private lifestyle professionals, we have our own boutique and confidential employment service which allows private estates, households, castles, ranches, luxury hotels to reach a dedicated and professional audience such as: Estate and Household Managers, Butlers, Yacht Crew, Housekeepers, Private Chefs, Executive Personal Assistants, Nannies, Governesses and more…

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