Anne Clarke

Connected Thinking

9th - How to launch a horse business for maximum profit 10th - How to increase profits in your equestrian business

About Anne Clarke

Anne Clarke has worked in the equestrian sector for 15 years spanning PR & marketing, sponsorship, event management and bid writing. She has worked for the British Equestrian Federation, running the Hoof Network, a 2012 Legacy project to support businesses operating in the sector.

Her passion for protecting equestrianism at grassroots, led her to set up Connected Thinking. Her aim is to support owners and operators of equestrian businesses, who impact the future growth of the sport, get unstuck navigating the industry and unlock its true potential. She helps her clients by saving them time and energy, utilising her wide network and expertise to get them quick and effective results.

9th - This seminar is ideal for those who want to explore diversification into the equestrian sector, you will learn what maybe the most suitable business model for you and the return on investment you could expect.

10th - This seminar is ideal for people who are already operating an equestrian business and want to increase their profits. It will explore ideas for new income streams and ways to restructure your business for maximum profit.

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