Edward Busby

Crown and Canopy

Philosophy and step by step approach when creating a glampsite

About Edward Busby

Edward Busby grew up in rural Herefordshire where he developed a passion for nature and the great outdoors. After travelling and experiencing other countries and cultures he built his first unique home on wheels closely followed by his first Yurt. This was his introduction to the world of outdoor living spaces.

He then teamed up with two like minded friends and craftsmen and together they set up Crown and Canopy, a highly successful company specialising in the field of bespoke outdoor hospitality. Edward provides a comprehensive consultancy service to landowners wishing to embark on their own ventures. He has extensive experience in his field gathered from the creating and running of several of his own retreats as well as the building and installation of many others.

This seminar is a step by step guide to setting up a glamping site on your land from the outset to the finished article. In the talk we will go through a methodical process beginning with assessing and analysing your land, followed by the planning and preparation process right through to the design, build, and running of glamping sites. This can be a timely exercise and sometimes a daunting task for new comers to the business, so it is essential to go about it in the right order to avoid serious setbacks and failures. This is your opportunity to get the note book out and make sure your future project is a success.

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