Harry Legge-Bourke

Glanusk Estate

Country Estates & Large Farms, Mill Stones or Cash Cows in the 21st Century?

About Harry Legge-Bourke

Harry has had a distinguished career, both rich in variety and achievement. A Welsh Guard for nine years, his experience includes two tours of Northern Ireland anhd time spent as a counter-terrorism instructor.

Commercially, Harry's experience includes time as an Equity Analyst and Security Training Programme Director for the ICC Cricket World Cup in the West Indies. The same year also saw him become the Project Manager of disaster recovery, emergency procurement, deployment and recovery of key equipment for the Gloucester floods crisis.

Currently an Equipment Performance Director at Blaythorne, Harry also serves on public bodies including the Wales Land Management Forum and the Wales Polo Team and Association.

Are country estates relevant in the 21st century? And if they are, are they mill stones or good businesses to be running in 21st century.

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