Jason Thawley

Tree Tents

Sustainable diversification of our woodlands

About Jason Thawley

An ideas-led and award-winning industrial designer and mechanical engineer with over 20 years’ experience of sustainable design, architecture and innovation across many different fields, Jason now specialises in sustainable product design and efficient, environmentally-led manufacturing. This knowledge and experience combined with a passion for English woodlands led him into woodland architecture, and the creation of the award-winning Tree Tent, the world’s most innovative spherical suspended tree house. He is now the innovation and design director at Tree Tents whose mission is to enhance our wild and natural places through the creation of completely unique and environmentally sensitive glamping escapes.

Jason Thawley presents a new perspective on transforming wild, previously unusable woodland, into a highly profitable part of your business while maintaining the environmental integrity of the area. Capitalising on the stay-cation and glamping market boom, and the ever-increasing popularity of tree house stays, he will discuss how the introduction of outdoor accommodation options that are sensitive to their surroundings can help woodland thrive, incentivise good management practice, create a sustainable new revenue stream for owners and encourage more people to get out and enjoy our woodlands.

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