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Is Glamping Really that Profitable? R.O.I. Case Study

About Kate Morel

Kate attributes her passion for rural businesses to a countryside childhood and an entrepreneurial family. However, after studying at the Shrewsbury School of Art, her initial focus was travel and it was during these expeditions that she found much inspiration in the unusual dwellings she encountered.

On returning to the UK she spent some years in corporate sales and marketing, but eventually the need to create won over and she set up her own design business. Not one to sit still for long Kate also restored properties, ran craft workshops and helped run festivals. Just as glamping was getting started in the UK, she was asked to join holiday agency, Quality Unearthed, where she helped landowners set up glamping and marketed sites through the Agency's service.

On leaving QU earlier this year, Kate now offers an impartial, independent advice and design service for alternative, glamping and eco projects; liaising with a team of hand-picked specialists, she can advise and support at every stage of diversifying, or expanding, into this type of holiday accommodation.

A popular seminar presenter, Kate supports tourism bodies and industry events, runs glamping business workshops, and writes regularly for Open Air Business, Glamping Business Magazine, and Diversify Now.

It’s becoming all the rage, but is glamping really as profitable as some of the hype purports? Using a real-time project, this seminar will explore the set-up costs, variables, occupancy forecasts, and projected return.

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