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Adding an income-stream from hosting weddings

About Kelly Chandler

Kelly Chandler, has a wealth of specialist wedding industry experience over more than 14 years leading her award-winning independent wedding planning company (The Bespoke Wedding Company) working very closely with and on behalf of discerning global couples to plan their unique UK-based weddings.

Together with a 6 year Directorship at industry body, the UK Alliance of Wedding Planners, setting standards and promoting professionalism in the field, Kelly is proud to eat, breathe and sleep weddings! She is a well-respected go-to expert in the business of weddings with a unique grasp of both the bridal journey and a venue’s commercial requirements.

Kelly regularly speaks, trains and consults for a range of forward thinking wedding locations including the Unique Venues of London, National Trust properties, hotel groups, university colleges, media sources and more. Kelly is passionate about making the client/venue relationship work beautifully and making progressive venues shine more brightly and achieve greater commercial success in this fast-paced industry.

Hosting weddings – a walk-through making a profit from the wedding industry

Kelly will offer insight into the different business models which country houses can adopt to make money from hosting weddings. She’ll also give you an insight into the key wedding features appreciated & demanded by modern couples to help you achieve the highest possible venue hire rates and return on investment.

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