Tabitha Amador-Christie

Paschoe House

Rescuing a grade listed building

About Tabitha Amador-Christie

Tabitha Amador-Christie was born in West London and is 27 years old. After studying English Literature at Oxford Brookes University, she moved to London where she worked at The Berkeley. After working within the hospitality sector all over the world for last 12 years, she decided to open up her own hotel, restaurant, bar and wedding venue in Mid Devon, Paschoe House.

This seminar will briefly cover the restoration of Paschoe House, which spanned over 10 years, and the owner’s realisation that being the guardian of an historic building is an expensive task. These estates need to pay their own way, and what better way for them to do that than transforming them into a money making business. You will hear the story from the nucleus of the idea, to finding the funding, to opening its doors to the public and then sustainability once open and how various partnerships with other businesses can help maintain cash flow in both directions. We will focus on shooting estates, equestrian adventures, fly fishing and stag stalking and how this kind of tourism maintains the equilibrium of life in the country.

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